Shooting & Portraits

You want professional quality pictures of yourself? Of your family? Of your kids? I offer you the 3 packages below. Trust me and let me get the best of you. From the simplest photo shoot to the professional session, I guarantee the best quality for your buck in Lévis City.


$249 tx inc.
  • 1h session (in my studio, at home or outside)
  • Up to 2 outfit changes
  • 20 full-HD retouched photos, electronic delivery
  • 5 day delivery
  • -
  • At home / outside : travel charges may apply (contact me)

Professional portfolio

$499 tx inc.
  • 2h session (in my studio, at home or outside)
  • Up to 5 outfit changes
  • 15 full-HD retouched photos, electronic delivery
  • Hi-end retouching with profesional rendering
  • 7 day delivery
  • -
  • At home / outside : travel charges may apply (contact me)
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At home or in studio?

Your call! The end result is exactly the same because I use the same lighting fixtures at your home that I use in my studio, as well as the same backgrounds. I made the choice to invest in mobile hardware to be able to offer an excellent service, both at home and in studio. In 2016, over 80% of my customer chose at-home photoshoot.

What are the steps of a photoshoot?

The duration of the session depends on the package you chose. We will pick the outfits together, along with the makeup and hair styles. During the session, I will guide you step by step; Where to look, correct your body posture, the position of your hands, etc. We will chose together the pictures that fits you, directly from my camera, so there is no bad surprise upon photos delivery. All my photoshoots takes place in a magical atmosphere and great joy.

Is it possible to make pictures in an unusual place?

Of course! I have 4 rooms we can use and a wonderful loft in a "Couette & Café" in Lévis. Pictures of the rooms are available upon request. For this service, extra charges may apply for room rental.

Do you loan clothes during the session?

Absolutely not. Algthough I sometimes work with clothing stores, you have to bring in your own clothes. If you are struggling on making a choice in your closet, I can provide some advice. Feel free to ask!

Do you provide raw pictures?

I consider that photo retouching is part of the package I am selling you. Giving you a untouched photo is like delivering an unfinished work. For this reason, I usually do not deliver untouched photos. If you really want to acquire these photos, feel free to contact me, I am convinced we will find an agreement.

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You want to make an appointment? You have questions or special requests? Do not hesitate to contact me, I will reply in the best possible delay.

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Open 7 days a week

(418) 930 3251

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